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Jump Sound Control Room
Jumping for Jump Sound

Classic Sound Recording

Jump Sound provides professional services in :
 Audio Commercial Installations
 Equipment Hire
 Live Events 
 (Corporate, & Live Music),      

Jump Sound Recording Studio is based in Hampton Park and
services the greater Melbourne area and south eastern suburbs. 

Read some comments from our happy Customers... 

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Recording Samples

Rap Stem Remix If you tried of beats that just dont pop, zing and boom. Bring us your mix stems and we'll give your mix the sound you've been looking for. The original mix was handed to me as individual stems The Final Mix is a complete remix of the stems then the vocals recorded at Jump Sound.

MM Original Mix - Jsanoraps
MM Final Mix - Jsanoraps

Radio Play "Tolly" with Foley. This was recorded during Covid lockdowns. Some were recorded on mobile phones, some in other studios and at Jump Sound. All mixing and foley was compiled and mixed/mastered at Jump Sound.

Tolly Radio Play sample 1 - David Upfal
Tolly Radio Play sample 2 - David Upfal
Mastering Sample

Mastering from a final mix. Handed this final mix from another studio. Mastered mix from Jump Sound.

HSC Pre Master - Engagements
HSC Matered - Engagements

Time to put on your head phones....

Production Samples

Full Production We first record a guide of guitar and vocals. I then created the full production in the here at Jump Sound.

Gracious One Guide track - John Duiker
Gracious One Full Production - John Duiker

Full arragement and production. This is an example where you can come with an rough layout of a song. We'll help arrange and fully produce the song to commercial quality ready for relaease. I was handed this very rough guide with just chords and basic groove. Jump Sound completely arranged and produced the track by North Creek Rd.

Letting Go rough guide - North Creek Rd
Letting Go full production - North Creek Rd

Video for "Letting Go"  by North Creek Rd

Josh Angrisano and Jump Sound
Jump Sound covering live event
John Duiker Musician always uses Jump Sound
Fr Dan live events users Jump Sound
Josh Angrisano 

        Jsanoraps (artist)

"Recording at Jumpsound was an incredible experience. The studio has a very relaxing and welcoming environment, and Mark was an absolute joy to work with! He works very efficiently, and communicated very well with me to get the final product I was hoping to end with. We could get a lot done in one session! I highly recommend any artist of any genre to work with Jumpsound for their next project!" 

George Gabriel 

            (Event Director)

"On all occasions that I've worked with Mark and Jumpsound, we had no audio issues whatsoever. It was always crystal clear. Mark is very precise, dedicated and methodical. I've witnessed his high regard for procedure, which is very comforting as a client because you know all the boxes have been ticked. I have no reason to consider any other sound provider."

John Duiker 

          LIFTED (artist)

"I have worked with Jumpsound for over four years, having used their services extensively for studio recording, live recording and other audio requirements at a number of different live gigs across Victoria and interstate as well. They have demonstrated the utmost professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm in their work, coupled with technical expertise second to none. They also utilize top of the range equipment. As for the studio, Jumpsound makes you feel relaxed and at home, in an encouraging environment where you can perform at your best."

Daniel Serretore 

   (Presenter/Event Director)

"Quality sound is so important in what we do, and Mark from Jump Sound has consistently provided that for us.  Passionate, and professional, its clear to me that this is not just a job for Mark : Quality sound is his Mission!"

The Dead Beats 

Live Event (Band)    

What an incredible effort from Mark at Jump Sound at what turned out to be a gig like no other!

Marks work at The Deadbeats latest gig alongside Dirty Bloods was truely amazing. In a rather unique and unusual setting…What began as an empty warehouse early Friday afternoon was transformed into a fully lit up stage built from scratch producing a sound that rivalled that of some of the most iconic live music venues in Melbourne by Saturday night!

Marks knowledge of the industry and easy going nature made it an absolute pleasure working alongside him. His tireless work ethic and commitment to the job at hand was greatly appreciated by all of us at here The Deadbeat family. It was a gig we will never forget…

Mark, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome and we thank you for your outstanding effort. and look forward to working with you at the next gig soon!

Deadbeats live event covered by Jump Sound

5 Star Review

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