What we can do for you :

Either in studio or on Location recording or your preferred choice of venue. High resolution recording backed up with professional Microphones, pre-amps and compressors will give you a professional sound. Our new studio provides a friendly environment which will allow you to relax and get the best out of your performance. 

We also provide audio mastering services for any size project. Audio restoration of old recordings (LP's & tapes),  to mastering full mixers for commercial production. 

  • All recording is done via Protools V12 with Waves V9 plugins.  With Abbey Road and retro plugins we can give you a warm analogue feel to your sound.  If you are more into an edge to your production, we have plenty of EDM sound banks and punchy plugin processors to keep you busy.   

  • We currently mix via and Allen & Heath vintage GL2200 into a 002 interface.  With SSL channel strip plugins we can replicate your best 70's and 80's sound... right through to current day crystal clear edits.

  • We mainly run with the RODES mics K2 Nt3 & 5's

  • We have a selection of other instrument mics AKG, DPA and Shure.

  • All vocals are run via a Tube Radius 30 Compressor to warm engraciate your vocal sound.  

  • Genelec 8040 and vintage village monitors.

  • We have access to a range of instruments if you cant bring your own.  Call us and discuss what you need.

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