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Same but Different  - Jsanoraps

Josh Angrisano's  next compilation of tracks released  after his return to Australia.  Although published one at a time this is a new level of beat and vocal production.  

 Watch this space for  more....

The Way  - North Creek Rd

First Album for North Creek Rd Exploring the first 8 verses of the Tao Te Ching. 

"The Way" is a journey of music and verse. I like to call it "Journey Music"

Enough for Me  - Genevieve Bryant

Special Edition EP for release at ACYF2017 (available on iTunes)

Enough for Me - Geneveive Bryant
Holding On - Genevieve Bryant
Turbulence  - Josh Angrisano

Josh Angrisano's  debute CD Turbulence recorded during his stay in Australia.  Originally from Texas Josh has decided 

to call Austrlia home... watch this space for more amazing word smithing...

(See home page for video Building of Sudio 3)

Turbulence - Josh Angrisano
Mortal - Josh Angrisano
Lifted  - HIGHER

Lifted is Charismatic Renewal Worship Band. "High" is a collection of popular worship cover songs common to CCR Worship. (available on iTunes)

Lifted  - HIGH
Lifted Higher (800x699).jpg
DOJ  - Light of the World

Recorded with the Worship Band for the "Disiples of Jesus" Community.  All Original tracks will take you on a journey of encountering.

Light of the World - DOJ
Freedom - DOJ
"Little Things" by Genevieve Bryant

"Little Things" recorded and self produced by Geneveive Bryant at Jump Sound Studios. (availalble on iTunes)

"Everygreen" Live

Recorded on location by Everygreen at Flowdale Farm.  Mastered at Jump Sound Studio.

Some of the CD's recorded in the past ...
And many more ......