PA Equipment Hire

Introducing Jump Sound PA Equipment Hire at a huge 40% discount.

Due to COVID-19 Jump Sound has put together PA system for all  group sizes  .  You will need to consider socially distancing so  we can assist you with systems that will better distribute audio over a greater area at a great price.    We now hire quality PA systems that wont cost the world, but still deliver crystal clear sound, which is a moto we live up to here at Jump Sound.  We hire JBL PRX and EAW systems along with other top quality brands, Shure, Senheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, Yamaha Allen& Heath and many more.

We provide a delivery, setup and pickup service.  A sound technician can be made available for the event, but if you prefer you can DIY.  We setup and do a quick training session and leave you to it.  (Delivery and Pickup $55 Metro Melbourne, Setup charge at hourly rate $55/hr.)   The Packages below are designed to service the Greater Melbourne area only.     


Please call us to discuss your needs for your next event. 
PA Systems Available
Small conference system 20 to 50 audience size

  2 x 8" Speakers on stands,

  4 inputs with PC/Aux input.

  2 Microphones on stands included.

Day Hire :

   1st Hire $139inc. After 40% Disc. $83inc


Large conference system 200 to 400 audience size

2 x 12" Speakers on stands,

10 inputs with PC/Aux inputs

4 Microphones on stands included.

Day Hire :

  1st Hire $270inc. After 40% Disc. $162inc

Band  system 400 to 1000 audience size

2 x 12" & 2 x 15" Speakers and 3 Subs

4 Stage foldback monitors 

24 Channel Digital desk with multitrack recording available

4 Microphones on stands included.

Day Hire :

   1st Hire $792inc. After 40% Disc. $475inc

(Must have knowlege to operate Allen & Heath QU24)

Lighting Available :

LED Parcans and Moving Head Fixtures

Smoke and Low Fog Machines

Lighting Stands and Truss

DMX Controllers

ETC NOMAD Lighting Control System

Ambient / Effect Lighting

Medium conference system 50 to 200 audience size

2 x 12" speakers on stands,

8 inputs with PC/Aux inputs

3 Microphones on stands included.

Day Hire :

   1st Hire $190inc. After 40% Disc. $114inc

Band system 200 to 400 audience size

2 x 12" Speakers and Subs

2 Stage foldback monitors 

16 inputs with FX & PC/Aux inputs

4 Microphones on stands included.

Day Hire :

   1st Hire $520inc. After 40% Disc. $312inc

Other Equipment available for hire.

Microphones :  

   Radio Mics    Handheld and Lapel

   Vocal Mics    Beta58 Birdcage, Rodes M2 & K2, AKG,

                        Goose neck & AKG... and many more 

   Choir Mics    NT3s & Shotguns

   Instrument    SM57s, Beta57, NT5s, DPA's

   Drum Mics    CAD Kit & D112


Misc Rack Equipment :

    Compressors & Gates

    31 Band EQs

    TC Electronics Effects Processor

    Auto Cue CD Player

    FOH and Speaker Processors... and many more

Multicores :

    20ch/4send 30m

    15ch 15m

Misc Equipment :

    Passive and active DI's

    4000Lumin Projector

    Shot Bags

    Drum Shield

    Stage front Fill Speakers 

    Other Mixing Consoles 8ch to 40ch


Please call us for all your equipment needs. if we dont have it... we'll hire it.